Own developments

Own developments

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As a specialist of complex retail property protection, we identify and bridge the gaps responsible for the inventory shortage in the retail company’s business activities with the help of our internal processes, based on our know-how.

One of the key elements of being efficient is that individual response is given in each case to actual issue, instead of intending to create a market for a finished product or service. Such responses for customer issues include our POSeidon Control System, an intelligent POS supervisor system that provides aid in detecting a shortage appearing in cash registers; the JUSTinTime duty organiser system plays a key role in the efficiency managment of property guard attendance; as well as the Heuréka smartphone application which enables to quickly complete the forms and papers required to the work irrespective  of the geographical location.

It is an undisputable advantage of our own developments that thanks to our own development team, we can meet newly emerging customer demands very quickly and efficiently.

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