“In spite of a continuous exhausting work, they do an excellent job. A team I could always count on!”

Kálmán Tóth – Risk manager


“Ever since our partnership, the inventory results have greatly improved. Due to the JUSTICE SECURITY system our guarding expenses have decreased. They are flexible, have a proactive way of problem-solving, so that we can go on with our main activity-that is sales”

Péter Bednarik – Sales Manager


“Justice Security Ltd’s main virtue is that it can totally comply with our company’s dynamical changes in every situation. Their compliance was proved in front of numerous national and international auditor.” ifj.Oláh Antal- Hungary Area IT Manager

Antal Oláh Jr. – Hungary Area IT Manager


“From a principal/customer’s point of view, we can say that Justice has totally accomplished our requests, and with a trained and intuitive staff disclosed the risks behind certain situations. The company is extremely innovative and the POSeidon system has also contributed to our success. Our experiences so far have proved that we had chosen the right partner in our wealth protection.”

Csobán Horváth – Managing Director


“The presence of Justice is a guarantee for a high security service, the professional management of all the risk factors. They support in their own peculiar way the achievement of our community’s environmental goals by using the hybrid patrol cars.”

Mária Hajasné Szabó – Administration Director


“Justice’s team is rapidly solving the given situations, their flexibility means great help to coping with daily routine tasks as well. Their technical support accomplish what we request and were promised.

Péter Bartha – Managing Director


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