Company philosophy

Company philosophy

Our business is a wealth protection company striving for the complete satisfaction of the customer through its philosophy and services and by respecting the up-to-date requests of the market.

We are proud that our customers are multinational companies, whose high expectations are continuously met by the immediate, creative and complete solving of their problems.

As former principal/customer, we are fully aware of both sides of the requirements in services -the principal/customer’s and the provider’s; that is the reason why we develop our services from our customer’s point of view as well. We pay special attention to the implementation of new techniques in wealth protection in order to fully satisfy the peculiar expectations as well.

In addition, our international and national customers receive an innovative, practical protection service focused on results with our own developed solutions for small businesses- POSeidon, JUSTRec; these resulting in an economy of more than 100 million forint due to cost decrease and inventory deficit.

Our pledge towards our profession and our principal/customers is shown by the fact that we work together with our most important customers for 10 years.

We are present in 115 cities and towns in Hungary as national representatives, as well as in 16 cities in Romania.

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