Logistic centers

Logistic centers

Logisztikai központok

Based on our cost efficient security concept we always take into consideration the fact that the warehouses and the logistic centers are rather large areas, with a considerable circulation of goods and people, which can only be appropriately protected if the right technical solutions are combined with suitable human resources.

The open areas are protected by fence, whereas the exterior security of the warehouses is ensured by reliable and intelligent technical solutions created by our expert team.

The number of the staff on duty can be optimized with the implementation of an appropriate security system. The professional patrol staff conducts the dispatcher duty at the gates, thus it observes the object, checks and follows the people and means of transport entering the area. The use of technical means is important at carriages as well. The close follow-up of carriages/shipments is made with the well known GPS, and other electronic devices, such as the special GPS with antennae and the Watch lock-a device equipped furnished with sabotage protection, that can be followed on a map.

In case you need a human escort, you also find it in our portfolio.

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