Fleet monitoring

Fleet monitoring, fleet tracking, central call service


Fleet monitoring means 24-hour tracking, monitoring and guarding of high-value European shipments from the departure to the destination with the help of an online satellite positioning system.

Fleet monitoring is provided with a computer software specifically developed for this purpose, which records and displays the active vehicles transporting freight on the map interface.

The vehicles are equipped with an alarm system that generates alarm signals if a previously specified event (e.g. tailgate opening, deviation from the designated route etc.) occurs. It falls under our supervising dispatchers’ tasks to respond to these alarms and investigate their causes, then to act in accordance with the specified action protocols. Besides taking immediate measures, with the help of which it was managed to interrupt several criminal offences in progress, the system’s greatest advantage lies in prevention.

The risk analysis based on the investigated circumstances of damage events shows that in the vast majority of crimes concerning shipments, the driver is involved in the perpetration in some ways. Hence, upon more alarm-generating events, the dispatcher can immediately get in contact with the driver by phone.

Having acquired the necessary details the dispatcher instructs the driver to give the precise geographic location together with the momentary state of the vehicle and requires an explanation regarding the likely cause of the alarm. Furthermore, our dispatchers conduct  random telephone checks on a daily basis. The negligence and carelessness of the drivers are also potential sources of risk (e.g. stop at unauthorized parking areas, parking the vehicle whicle ignoring security aspects, shipment abandoned for the night), which may contribute to the occurrence of a damage event or crime. Constant supervision and security approach by the supervisors offer a solution to these problems as well.

Our dispatchers supervise the use of the authorized parking areas as well as offer advice with regard to the safest parking solution az the location in question. JUSTICE Security is a member and the exclusive domestic representative of the fleet tracking service EUROTRAFFIC GmbH present in 17 countries. It provides a new possibility for trucks and passenger cars, and probably for shipment tracking systems as well.

The new feature on the one hand is in the new tools, and, in the other hand, in the direct measures and the possibility of intervention on the site of the alarm on the other. Based on the automatic messages defined in the system, language barriers can be eliminated; moreover, the vehicle crew in trouble can get help directly. This opportunity is available, among others, in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain and Great Britain, which are the most problematic countries according to our experience.

Thus, you can be assured that your possessions are safe and in case of trouble, you can expect quick help, irrespective of the special terms of local measures. Furthermore, our 24-hour on-call service takes the necessary measures every day of the year, even if our Client is staying at a location where it’s not possibile or there’s no time to react to the problem immediately.

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