Secret, information, data protection

Secret, information, data protection

Adat információ titokvédelem

Every enterprise endeavours that all internal information aresafe. Yet it often happens that for example via external partners a gap is generated through which confidential information may leak out. Information, data, research findings must be protected! Do not trust others, but trust the protection systems established by ourselves.

Our company provides help in shaping these protection systems, be it either the store itself, or weaknesses which make the enterprise vulnerable. Our services include the full-range data protection which means not only consultancy, but also specific recommendations by inspecting the current situation to enhance the level of security.

In recent years special attention has been devoted to the system of data protection regulations which often make companies’ life more difficult. Just remember the considerable change that an Authority has been set up which can not only make recommendations, but can also impose a fine of up to HUF 20,000,000 on companies for unregulated data management and data processing.

Our complete service portfolio extends to data protection regulations in compliance with the modified act on data protection and other provisions, which may also be aligned with our own data management system.

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