Industrial objectives

Industrial objectives

Ipari objektumok

Although the protection of given objectives seems to be easy compared to other asset protection activities, yet it demands the most complex set of tasks. We can easily identify the classical categories of asset protection, using human resources the most familiar and well-known to everybody.You meet guards at company reception areas, at factory gates (both entering people, and commodities), at gates of other locations, all in all, everywhere where guarding must be supported with asset protection and secure environment must be maintained.

After conducting a comprehensive and precise security audit, the following services will be taken into account regarding the protection of an object:

  •  monitoring  the entry and departure of people and means of transport in a traditional manner as well as using a central computerized system
  • person and parcel checking
  • control by units of shipment and other commodities
  • periodic control of stock
  • sorting-out goods
  • alcohol testing of drivers entering a private area
  • receptionist task
  • the task of indoor and outdoor  patrol service, as well as other complex services, which range from inside area checking, to monitoring persons working near dangerous industrial machines.

It is important to know that object security needs to be completed with adequate human resource, who can step in at the given location in a professional manner if needed, thus taking a part of responsibility from the Principal/customer over.

The appearance, activity and behavior of patrols in uniforms reflect our company’s philosophy, commitment to quality and also build confidence. They are the persons in charge at various locations, are there to help when needed, moreover they  represent the Principal/customer with responsibility.

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