Environmental investigation

Environmental investigation

06 Ko¦êrnyezetve¦üdelmi nyomoza¦üs

In recognition of our exceptional environmental- and climate-conscious operations, we were the first in the field of property protection in 2011 to receive the Green Award of  OzoneNetwork TV Channel. Our employees pay attention to environmental protection day by day, so we “put our heart into” the exploration, and possible prevention, of any action and event that are environmentally harmful, endanger the environment, or cause environmental pollution.

Our services include the monitoring of industrial hazardous waste management, the documentation of any breach to the regulations specified by the Client as well as the identification of the levels of responsibility and those responsible.

Our activities extend to the assessment of environmental impact on industrial and commercial sites, the summary of environmental tasks needed to be performed, as well as the drafting of environmental regulations and continuous communication with environmental organizations.

Several times illegal waste disposal sites were detected, for the elimination thereof we initiated official proceedings. During the observation of the vicinity of illegal disposal sites, both the vehicles and persons transporting waste thereto were documented.

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