Environment consciousness

Environment consciousness

We are proud and glad to have received the Green Award in the small and medium sized company category, organized by OzoneNetwork- at the” Ozone Green Award 2011” contest.

At the Ozone Green Award big companies, as well as small and medium sized businesses -ranked in different categories – had the opportunity to present their environmental friendly innovation through an accomplished investment.

Why have we received it?

In 2011 our strategic target was to have remarkable environment friendly developments and our results justified our presence at the contest.

The most spectacular environment friendly development was the introduction of the Toyota Prius Hybrid patrol car, thus we became pioneers in the national security business.

Besides the hybrid car we have other developments such as: the automatic report-writing system for duty-organizers, which in addition to the practical side has a serious role in the drastic paper consumption cut.

To continue, upon developing POSeidon 2.0 the use of  SSD drivers requiring less energy and ventilation contributes to the energy economy as well as to the well-being of our patrols since there is no ventilator noise.

The selective waste collection was also introduced to serve as an example for the colleagues to do the same at their home.

As of October our business cards, stationery, envelopes, marketing materials and other materials are printed on recycled paper, in order to diminish the environmental footprint.

In future we intend to continue our smart phone project: as an own service we developed an on-line checking report, which can be completed digitally, and can have a GPS or photo attachment. These kinds of digital reports are easily processed, more efficient and assist the manager’s work.

As far as the financial environment allows we will continue to change our car park to hybrid cars.

Our objective is to be an example for other small and medium-sized businesses

through the steps we have taken to protect the environment.


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