POSeidon POS supervision security system

POSeidon POS supervision security system


POSeidon Control System® is a special cash register control system developed by JUSTICE Security Kft. The primary goal of its application is to cut the shortage of unknown origin arising in retail units, as well as to investigate the reasons of such shortages.

The system helps to rapidly, efficiently and with great security explore and detect the intentional or negligent acts that cause damage to the customers or inventory shortage to the owner.


The system stores both the recording and information received from cash register, thus it is perfect for assessing the different kinds of theft and subsequently for gaining experience and for education purposes. In addition to the above, POSeidon Control System® provides a range of information, not necessarily related to safety technologies, which transfer commercial data and statistics to the operator of cash register.

The installation thereof has the relevant preventive effect, as the archive system can be used as evidence in any possible official procedure.


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