JUSTrec video recorder system

JUSTrec video recorder system


More than just a recorder

Committed to constant innovation, JUSTICE Security developed its own digital recording system, JUSTREC, based on our clients’ demands and the security system market trends. It not only meets the requirements users set towards today’s modern recorders, but it also stands out of its competitors with its unique features. Let’s see these special features in detail.

A recorder with EVERY Setting Adjustable per camera

The JUSTREC video recorder system, dependent on the type, records images from 8 or 16 cameras, using H.264 compression, which ensures high quality and optimal size. Being a hybrid system, both analogue and IP devices can be connected to the video recorder.

Every setting can be adjusted per channel on the device, so not only the parameters of the recording and playback can be set for every single camera individually, but also access to the recorded images and archiving permissions can be set per individual channel. In order to ensure efficient workflow, the recording of the period which we would like to watch can be divided into 16 parts, afterwards these can be viewed simultaneously, within 16 times less time or even faster. The real-time playback, i.e. accelerated playback feature is worth mentioning, this ensures that not a single frame is skipped, so it cannot happen that you miss an event or a tiny moment. Another interesting feature is: the playback speed can also be customized: the user can enter any optional figure (e.g. 8.6x playback).

Up to 32 live images, searches or playbacks can be displayed

The JUSTREC graphic interface was designed in a manner that it is easy and simple to handle, unambiguous and easy to learn even for non-professionals. Efficient workflow is also served by the dynamic image display which means that the images are freely variable on the monitors (i.e., any camera image can be enlarged to a customary size from anywhere on the screen). Live and playback images can be mixed according to the user’s needs, so that up to a total of 32 live images, playback videos, searches can be displayed simultaneously

Extremely fast operation, long service life

The so-called SSD storage device of JUSTREC recorder does not contain any moving part and results in a system that can be loaded in no time. It enables a fast operation, including searches among the video recordings that can also be run in seconds. Elements without moving parts ensure a longer service life, coupled with lower energy consumption. Thanks to the module-like design of JUSTREC recorder, the device can be upgraded at little expense, without the need for changing the whole system.

Only you can delete your recordings!

Thanks to the special data protection features, JUSTREC protects the user’s recordings against getting into the hands of an unauthorized person. Access to recording/archiving can be authorized with a code, a card, a biometric identifier, or, as a prominent innovation, it can also be conditioned to the joint presence of two persons. Different levels of authority can be set in the device: we can restrict access to the individual channels or even the playback of the video images, and we can maximize the length of time a camera recordings can be viewed again.

The recording system, which can be integrated into the entry control and property protection systems, can also be connected to the so-called “attendance scanner” that prevents access to the video system in an inactive state, only if the authorized person is present. Other setting options include the blocking or password protection of the use of USB drives, DVDs and other peripherals, thus the operating staff can only use the recorder for the purposes of the security system.

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