Heuréka Check Point smartphone application

Heuréka Check Point smartphone application


Taking advantage of the flexibility and multi-purpose applicability provided by Apple systems, we have developed an iPhone application that facilitates administrative activities.

What the software basically does is that with the help of the control minutes templates on the phone, the documentation of inspections can be performed fast and accurately. The minutes automatically record the time and place of its completion, performs the identification check of the person completing it and with the help of the drop-down menus, the statements related to the given topic can  be easily selected. The given minutes can be supplemented with notes, or audio material, photos, videos can also be attached as verbal supplements, so that the presentation of the investigated issues and shortages becomes even more pragmatic.

After completion, the minutes are automatically transferred to the central server of JS where it is archived.

The minutes in the archives can be classified, processed and retrieved according to different criteria, or they can also be transferred e.g. to the client, which would also support the activities of the manned service.

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