Building management

Facility management


The facility management system is designed to operate the engineering and electric equipment in the building independently, and to show and record the operation data in a graphic display at a central space.

It allows the flexible implementation of the network structure created from module-type elements. The software running on the digital control and regulator units connected to the network operatest he given technologic environment independently. On the communication lines it can receive data from other network units thereby it becomes possible to align the operation of the relevant technology with the signals of other, occassionally remote systems. The operation of units in the building can be achieved with centralized or distributed intelligence.

The highest level of the facility management system is the facility management server. The programmes running therein inspect whether the network and the units thereof are ready to operate and these produce the minutes thereon. The details, messages describing the operational processes of the systems are recorded here, just as the automatic and direct interventions with an impact on the processes.

The access to the standard database on the server can be easily enabled even for visualization or analytical software run even on remote computers. In case of malfunctions in the operation it is also possible that the alarm messages are transferred as a text or audio message to previously identified telephones.

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