Retail business objectives

Retail business objectives

Kiskereskedelmi objektumok

In the retail business units protected by JUSTICE Security the inventory shortage has fallen by one fifth (!) compared to the national average of the industry.

Sounds incredible? Give it a try! We are glad to present our know-how.

These results root in our own  Complex Store Security System (CSS), which was developed with the purpose of the cost efficient asset protection of retail stores.

Besides the entry of the company’s goods into the logistic centre this system comprises the delivery, sale towards customers, also the monitoring of the entire process assisted by the necessary complex security system.

The CSS embraces the store asset protection in a single unit, namely the activities regarding human resources – the roles of management, guiding, and control, as well as the security systems. With the help of the system, you can not only cut the inventory shortage, but also diminish the protection time to half.

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