Entry control systems

Entry control systems

Beléptető rendszerek

By now entry control systems in many cases form part of a complex integral property protection system as these can facilitate the users’ everyday life if the interoperability between property protection and entry control systems is taken advantage of.

It is an inherent phenomenom of the 21st century that most of the everyday devices and user interfaces require a code and different access IDs (phone PIN code, NetBank, computer, credit card, etc.). In case of an intelligent entry control system, the same card can be used to open the entry gate, and to control the property protection system, and on top of that the same can be used to pay at the canteen, thereby making everyday life much easier.

As soon as the system identifies that the last employee has the card read at the exit door, the property protection system of the office building will automatically turn on. The entry control system is also capable to manage the work-time register precisely and in compliance with the accounting requirements.

The identification can take place with a card or a biometric ID, or even a combination thereof.

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