JUSTinTime duty organiser system

JUSTinTime duty organiser system


JUST- In-Time (JIT) web-based duty organiser, information system

Duty organiser module

With manned services we are present in 118 towns in Hungary, usually with one person per store and only during a part of the opening hours of the given retail unit. This requires special care in terms of planning, implementation and supervision, because thanks to the services provided by the system, as well as to the analysing and evaluation work, we direct property guards only when and where it is justified by the property protection situation of the given store.

Duty check module

Beyond managing the duties, our system is automatically monitoring the logins / logouts of store property guards on the mobile network. In case they fail to log in, our central duty team intervenes, i.e. begins to investigate the reason of this failure. Thanks partly to this, the duty planning/execution ratio has a national average of 99.72%.

Event module

Thanks to a supplementary module of the system, we have up-to-date (often to the minute) information on the actions and events in the stores, as our property guards have to report them to JIT through an encoded text message.

Reporting module

Thanks to the text messages received on our actions, our clients can have access to the information also in a written format – on a daily/weekly basis according to their needs.

Statistics module
It enables the organization and evaluation of recorded data, thus supports the analysis and evaluation workIt enables

Accounting module

With the help of the duty organiser and duty check modules, an accurate wage and hour accoutning can be prepared for the clients at the end of the month. Upon request, the wage and hour accounting of subcontractors, property guards can also be prepared.

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